Adam Novak Weddings


My Promise

You are marrying the love of your life. It’s my promise to capture memories that will spark nostalgia; a visual story that will retell itself for years to come. 

Photos that speak your story 

I may drink a lot of coffee but I'll always keep you at ease. I love my camera and it loves me. I can charm your grandma into smiling and maybe coax your grumpy uncle into grinning. When it’s time to take formal pictures, I’m not afraid to take charge of your rambunctious wedding party. If your dance floor is packed, and you’re riding your new husband’s back, I’ll be there to capture it (you can either thank me or make me delete it later). If you want to trash your dress in Chicago’s Buckingham Fountain, I’ve done it, so let’s figure something else out. To me, wedding photographs shouldn’t be a pain. It’s your party so let’s keep the good times rolling- and you’ll see it in the pictures. I’m always on time and I’ve never missed a wedding. It'd be my pleasure to meet with you over a cup of coffee anytime. 


Where do we start?

From the moment we meet, I will happily provide clarity regarding your wedding day timeline. I'll help you envision exactly what you want regarding your photographs. After all, no two weddings are alike and weddings happen fast. Really fast. Experience is everything, and experience affords me the skill to deliver what suits you and your planned or unplanned imagination.

People ask me all the time if I enjoy my job. Being a wedding photographer, I am lucky to be granted front row seats to the most loving moments in life- period. Guests and your loved ones will fly in, hopefully comb their hair and dress to impress; shower you with hugs and kisses. Grandparents will watch and remember and smile with their eyes. Grumpy uncles, who everybody warns us about, will suddenly shine. Tears will be shed, tight hugs will temporarily stop time and most of these details will inevitably fade from memory... until a couple of weeks after your wedding day, when those defining moments will be lovingly delivered, but this time as a visual storyline... timeless photographs... nostalgia relived


My background

A huge part of my job is to remain relaxed and to facilitate your peace of mind. Experience has taught me to step up and help direct when needed. Experience has also taught me to sit back and quietly snap away from a distance. Experience is knowing what gear to grab at a moment's notice. It’s a job that genuinely evolves over many years.

At every wedding, I see the work of past photographers in various forms and contexts. The faces of previous generations framed on tables, hanging off of bouquets, or peeking from the inside of coat jackets. Photographs are how we revisit loved people and loved experiences. Photographs are the way that you, too, will be remembered. I often wonder which one of my 'shutter clicks' will grace another wedding, a couple of generations down the road. I feel honored to be in charge of such a sacred but fleeting ritual for you.

I studied art history and film based photography at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Eventually I switched to digital and for over a decade, I've documented weddings with the highest quality cameras. I’ve collaborated with close to 250 couples from diverse cultural backgrounds. I’ve partaken in ancient Ketubah signing rituals, Greek Orthodox ceremonies, Croatian pig roasts and slivovica toasts, timeworn Catholic masses, lovely Mehndi parties, age-old Chinese tea drinking ceremonies and dragon dance traditions. I’ve sat next to Indian couples under the sacred Mandap, and quietly shimmied around Chuppahs during elaborate Jewish ceremonies. I’ve even caught a grandpa that was falling down a flight of stairs at a wedding. And after it all, I thoroughly enjoy prepping my gear and having a good breakfast with my assistant before diving right into a new wedding day.


My background is Czech-American. I grew up photographing modern Chicago and then jetsetting to take completely different photographs of life in medieval Prague. I’m equal parts American and European and I speak both languages. I use my income from weddings to fund my ongoing love for making travel and visual art. Feel free to browse my other projects here.