Adam Novak Weddings


Are your wedding packages adjustable to fit my wants and needs?

They definitely are! I try to keep my business as streamlined as possible so there are some limitations. My packages are often mixed and matched! Simply ask me via an email or at our consultation!

When would you recommend having a second/assistant photographer?

The general rule of thumb is: 1 photographer = 100 guests. This said, I work really hard and I rarely use more than 1 assistant. Since weddings happen in hyper-real time and there is no way to recreate any of the important moments, I much rather have an assistant by my side.

Hello! This is me in action :-).

Hello! This is me in action :-).

How many photographs do you deliver to your client?

Typically 600 to 1100. This all depends on the size of your wedding, how many hours I spend documenting your wedding day, whether or not I have an assistant, how ‘crazy’ you are about photography, the number of locations we choose to photograph, and the weather. I typically photograph between 2500 and 4000 frames a wedding.

Do you edit/color-correct/crop the photographs?

I do and I spend a lot of time carefully editing photographs. A great deal of the magic happens during the editing process! I often use black & white and other certain professional color filters. I rarely doctor people into or out of images. What I mean is if your grandma smiles a certain way, she smiles a certain way, and that’s life :-).


How long does it typically take you to process and deliver the photographs?

Depends on my work load. I know you will be dying to see them! It takes me anywhere from 14 to 21 days for me to edit and upload your wedding photographs to your personal online website hosted by Zenfolio.  I generally mail you a set of ‘data discs’ containing all of the edited wedding photographs within 4 weeks.

How does my personal online website/proofs work? Can my family and friends view/purchase photographs directly from the website that you design for me?

Yes they can! And I think my prices are very reasonable! The Zenfolio website that I will create should be easy enough for your grandma to navigate. You will receive a link to share with your family and friends. Anything ordered will be professionally printed by Mpix and mailed directly to the customer. I offer a variety of sizes ranging from wallet size prints to large framed photographs and mounted canvases.

What about image copyright? Can I use my wedding photographs anyway I please?

You can do whatever your heart desires with your wedding photographs. I will not charge you extra for the rights to your images. The photographs have a “dual copyright” agreement between you and I.

What if you’re sick or something?

I’ve been photographing 20 to 30 weddings per year for almost 5 years now. I’ve never missed a wedding! The one time I had an ankle injury I hired a pair of extra assistants and shot the entire wedding day on crutches. But if for some reason I’m in a hospital bed, and that hospital bed doesn’t have wheels, I have a network of very good photographers that would gladly step in at the very last minute to help out.


What about payment and contract?

There is a $600-$1000 retainer/down-payment due at the signing of a contract. The balance is due two weeks before the wedding day.

Why should I hire you instead 0f the traditional wedding photography studios?

Because I will personally photograph your wedding day and I will work extremely hard to capture all of the special moments. The photographs I take mean a lot to me and so I’m constantly striving to improve my technique. I am not a salesman. There is a huge difference between a “salesman” and an “artist/photographer”. You won’t meet a salesman that will “sell” you a photographer. You will enjoy a cup of coffee with me personally and we will see if our personalities are a fit. I won’t try to up-sell you on everything after the wedding day. What I offer is what you will receive. I try my best to make you feel comfortable. I want you to feel like I’m an old friend. And most importantly I want you to have an absolute riot during your wedding day!!! It’ll show in the photographs.


What albums do you offer?

My packages offer Graphistudio albums that are absolutely beautiful. I also know how to design ZookBinders if that’s what you’re into.

Do you shoot destination weddings?

Yes I do! I’m a travel fanatic. I’ve been to over 35 countries spanning four continents. I LOVE shooting destination weddings. I’m a hardened traveler that never gets grumpy.