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Wabash Avenue Abstractions

I had a visual eureka in the darkroom after looking at patterns created by the Wabash Elevated Train stations from a bird’s eye perspective ten stories up. My goal was to share with the viewer the same eureka moment that I had experienced. The viewer is actually peering down at all three elevated train stops located in downtown Chicago on Wabash Avenue.  I was drawn to the subtle differences in timing of the trains arrivals and departures and to the different rooftop color palettes signifying the Adams, Madison, and Randolph street train stations. I am often drawn to visual abstractions that surprise the brain. The juxtaposition of abstract shapes force the brain to search the seeming abstractions eventually discovering that it may have been tricked by reality. Each photograph is a real slice of urban Chicago cleverly abstracted by perspective and scale. The photographs are meant to be displayed side-by-side.
pinimageRandolph and Wabash El Train Station – Downtown Chicago  –  80×53″ Lambda Print

Madison, Randolph and Adam El Train Stations – Downtown Chicago –  80×53″ Lambda Printpinimage

Adams and Wabash El Train Station – Downtown Chicago  –  80×53″ Lambda Print