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I have a drone and it is revolutionary for visual storytelling.

Luxury Homes Sales Video

Why take boring photos of a multi-million dollar mansion when you can hover over it like a Hollywood movie?

Luxury Sailboat and Yacht Sales Video

If you own a magnificent sailboat, I’d gladly hitch a ride and make you look like a Captain!

Yerkes Observatory Drone Video

If you are an architect and/or developer let me help you show off and market your projects.

Music Videos and Indie Films

Password: Blue Out in the Blue – Performed by Singer-Songwriter Leslie Beukelman. Music Video directed by Adam

  • I can showcase high-end real estate in a very stimulating way, the end goal being a sale.
  • I can survey vast tracts of land so that you can advertise your property or show off your stable and horses.
  • If you are a budding film director and you are filming a chase scene, I can follow your villain over a fence and down a narrow alley.
  • I can help make your indie film look like a Hollywood production.
  • If you own a magnificent yacht I’d gladly ride out to sea with you and fly the drone around your ship. I’ll even try to make you look like a Captain that knows what he’s doing ;-)!
  • If you are a proud owner of a golf course and want to show off your clubhouse or do a fly-over of all 18 holes for your website, let’s make it happen.
  • If you are an architect or engineer and you just broke ground on your 300 million dollar skyscraper, have me document the building process. I could come every two weeks and make you an unbelievable three minute video of your skyscraper from foundation to finish. I think it’d be one heck of a sales tool for your next project.